Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom

by Ramlord

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released February 5, 2013

Recorded by: Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.
Mastered by: Garry Brents

Jan - usurper tongue and nihil resonance 6(66)
Ben - Blastphemous degradation of the human spirit
Mike - Low souled grinder of the underbelly



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Hypaethral Records Toronto, Ontario

Label for dark & heavy music based out of Toronto, ON.

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Track Name: Nihil Fucking Lifeblood
Heaven is a lie and there is nothing I can do
I live as a martyr in a meaningless world
Life is a void and I need to be alone

Wearing grief as a crown passed by blood
Why the fuck should I feel proud?

Watching the hearses
Pass by my window
An unfamiliar comfort
Confines and controls

I'm not the one
That needs to die
It's not as easy
As killing myself


Track Name: Weakness
trust and love dissolves out of our grasp
we. only. really., cared for ourselves
oblivious, righteous, selfish, self obsessed
spending time constructing, a cage for yourself

soles of my feet bleeding
lashing out and
losing their feeling

blankets of misery suffocating
the cold sweat drips,
over my brow and into my iris

life isn't my aspiration... neither was to-

survive in a life of pain
fill my wounds with money
greed is your god, i'm not your slave
this. time. your. wrong.

feelingless itching
reliefless pain

all the joy that i've seen
is fading away from me
a smoldering crater is all thats left
at the bottom i die to disease
indignant saturation of this existence
light illuminates the world- NEVER AGAIN

stagnant and lost to history
as if this pain had never happened to me, death set me free, i know i'm weak
Track Name: Eroded
ankles snared in thought
expenses written off

straying, away

fraying edges 
lashing tongues
Track Name: Enslaved
The rich vein we feed off of

Rotting supports
Bear the weight

Fuck all…pigs

Bowing your head
Taking the blame
Track Name: Embittered
Weak inside
Erode within

Selfish and self-loathing

Watch the cycle turn
I'll do nothing to resist
Track Name: Cancers of Progress
As tumors bloom beneath my flesh, I begin to wonder why
I pledged my trust in humanity and the answers it supplied
Consuming only apathy, amplified inside
Eventually I succumb to grief, the violence internalized

Monotony of modern life, the context still unchanged
Death may be the only release, the only joy I feel

morality enslaved
populism reigns
as reality fades
humanist plague
Track Name: Distant/Detach
Distant. Detach.

Stop trying so hard
Consume hard drugs and mutilate yourself

There's a gun in my mouth
Whenever I pull the trigger, it will always be too late.

Buried in populism
What do you love? Why?

Pale and lifeless masses
Why the fuck should I waste my time?
Track Name: Dependency
Cold winds tear my flesh
I just want to feel again

Blank stare into pale skies
Huffing the fumes of decay

Tattered cloth grips lifeless legs
Pulchritude of bone exposed

Contabescent effigy of life
Decompose yet becoming whole

Turgid throats asphyxed, Fingernails pried

Untainted by culture
Stripped of meaning

True beauty manifest, to live is to die

The texture of existence
Is too fine to remember
Track Name: Retrospect Dissonance
Regrets like dirty needles
Some things never change
So many missed opportunities
I never fucking cared

I fiend for solitude
Missing social cues and pretending like I care
I have seen the other side and no one was there…..waiting for me

Hollowness I can't ignore
Surrogate acts hide our fake smiles
I'm sick of pretending

I have seen the ugliness within us all
But I wasn't too scared to look away… or bury myself in shame

I close my eyes
surrounded by smiling faces
But I always wake up alone
Track Name: Skin Coffin
Growing old and losing friends
What once was new is old again
Socialized without success
I rely on drugs to do the rest

My skin is a coffin
I am bound until death
I close my eyes
and let the drug do the rest

Lying lifeless caged in my mind
Pupils dilate, I am alone
Track Name: Extinction of Clairvoyance (Part Two)
crushing my legs between the gears
let the crust form over my eyes
fields of grey cast no shadows
wise men sit, with abrasive acceptance
of the love for themselves

relinquishing, control to the hand
of the ever grinding state
the massive pendulum
swinging out of line
a subtle hint to give in
an epicenter of rot inside
daily lashes on our backs

not hard to tell, what's to come

I choke and gasp to inhale the thick air
I stomp my feet until they are broken and bare
liquid swells beneath burning ground
Under the bark, the wood is soft

Fortunate if we witness this falling
justice is only served in a bitter end
sucking from their gluttonous master
see the remnants line their lips
streaking drool
wets the knees
dropping to where they sit
Throne of shit